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How to develop your business idea into a fully fledged, thriving business?

So as an entrepreneur you have an embryonic idea for a new business, which, like a egg, has great potential to hatch and grow into a thriving business. A business that gives you the financial freedom and peace of mind you desire. The problem is that 9 out of 10 small businesses in the UK fail because of one reason. That one reason alone is the cause of failure of 90% of small business ventures, which not only doesn’t give you financial free or peace of mind, but ends up doing the exact opposite, saddling you with debt and increasing your stress no end.

That one reason is …..

The business hasn’t had time to incubate!

It’s in incubation you take time to understand your customer needs, how to talk to your customer in your marketing messages, learn about the market your entering and what resources you’ll need to reach and fulfill the needs of your customers.

The reason/s business owners haven’t gone through that time of incubation & due diligence include:

  • Are impatient to launch
  • Don’t know how to develop the idea
  • Believe they understand the business already

Even if you’ve been in the business for thirty years you may well have got stuck in a rut, not listening to your customers anymore and as a result have missed subtle or not so subtle changes in your market place, which can be the make of break of a new business.That’s where the BizIncubator Webinar comes in.

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